Thursday, November 3, 2016

#Drake & #TaylorSwift are up to SOMETHING BIG together! [details]

Rumors had been SWIRLING that Drake & Taylor Swift were an 'ITEM'.  When any camera SPOT people together they INSTANTLY jump to a ROMANTIC CONNECTION. HOWEVER, it appears that their connection is more about the MUSIC!  There are reports that the two POWERHOUSE acts are coming together on an UPCOMING project!  Get the DETAILS after the JUMP!

The two are working on NEW MUSIC together.  Swift has been somewhat low-key with new material since her UBER-SUCCESSFUL '1989' from 2014.  SO it seems like a GOOD TIME for her to BREAK BACK OUT with a new project for 2017, right?

A source tells E! News that the music they’re working on is “different,” but also “very catchy.” Also according to the insider, they’ve been “having a great time in the studio.”

Drake has already promised us 'More Life' dropping next month, so it's safe to ASSUME that this NEW MUSIC will be for a Taylor Swift project. Swift is no stranger to HIP-HOP. Her and Kendrick Lamar made MAGIC together on 2014's 'Bad Blood', so a Drake/Swift collab actually sounds PROMISING, right?

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