Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Country music fans OUTRAGED at #Beyonce performing at #CMAs! [details]

The CAT is out the bag, Beyonce WILL BE performing at the 50th annual CMA's tonight, but not EVERYONE is THRILLED!  Some COUNTRY FANS have taken to SOCIAL MEDIA to express their DISPLEASURE!  Do you think it's about RACE?? The last I checked MUSIC has no COLOR, but oh well..  This is what the HATERS are SAYING!!

DON'T WATCH then... LOL.

Beyonce is a LEGEND too..  These people are so MAD! LOL

The CLAP BACKS are FUNNY.  The BEYHIVE does not PLAY AROUND when it comes to their QUEEN.  So for the HATERS, I am SORRY (I AIN'T SORRY) the ink on the contract is DRY!  It's a DONE DEAL.  DEAL WITH IT.  I wonder who these people would rather have?  If it were Adele or Madonna, would they be HAPPIER?  This just REEKS of some hidden but not so hidden RACISM, but what else is NEW.  I expect the BEYHIVE to shut the haters down in 5-4-3-2-1 seconds!!

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