Wednesday, October 26, 2016

#TLC tease 2 new songs!! Are you HERE for them? [audio]


T-Boz & Chilli appear to FINALLY be making good on this ALBUM you guys help FUND.  REMEMBER last year, their INFAMOUS KICKSTARTER ACCOUNT for the new project netted upwards of 430k.  BUT year's end came and went and there was no new music or ALBUM.  WELL NOW, there maybe HOPE!  TRACES of new music from the DUO popped up on Apple Music today.  LET's SEE what 430k bought us.  TAKE A LISTEN!

Now I am A FAN of TLC...T-Boz, Left-Eye and Chilli.... But let's be REAL.  If we don't get some VOCALS or adlibs from Lisa, it's just not gonna be GUMBO, right?  Something is going to be MISSING--a HUGE something.  I am ROOTING for the LADIES, but dig into a VAULT or some of Left-Eye's solo stuff that did not GET RELEASED here in the STATES and patchwork a TLC song that we want to hear together... OK?  I mean TC with no L ain't gonna CUT IT.  In this DAY and AGE, you have to come with the HEAT.  So LET'S HOPE that there are some LEFT EYE VOCALS somewhere in the mix.  DO IT FOR THE FANS!

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