Saturday, October 8, 2016

The REAL reason #SouljaBoy is no longer on #LHHH! [details]

Earlier this week, Soulja Boy ANNOUNCED that he was 'QUITTING' 'Love & hip Hop Hollywood', because it was RATCHET and not a GOOD LOOK to his brand.  Well executive producer of the show, Mona Scott-Young subtly clapped back with this post on Instagram:

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Was she targeting Soulja Boy?  Well HIT DOGS do HOLLER, because he replied on Twitter:

I doubt she will respond, because frankly, she doesn't have to.  But we have the REAL reason he was AXED from the cast and it wasn't by his OWN FREE WILL.

If you recall, after episode 2 of the hit show, Soulja Boy was 'ERASED' from the opening credits and subsequent episodes after he was BARELY on the canvas.  Well here is the REAL reason Mona let him go.  If you follow him on social media, you may know he has been KNOWN to go off HALF-COCKED about any and everything.  EARLIER this summer, he and his ON AGAIN OFF AGAIN girlfriend got into a SERIOUS beef.  Soulja Boy even went as far as to THREATEN Nia Riley with a GUN!!!

After that, it was CLEAR that he had to GO!
The producers QUICKLY acted and issued this statement:

“That’s not the brand that VH1 nor the franchise wants to have. They had to fire him. If anything had happened to Nia, they would have felt partially responsible for not intervening.”

So LHHH quit him before he quit it. To be FRANK, he never fit on the show anyway. IF ANYTHING, he may have gelled with the cast of LHHATL better. After all he is from Atlanta. And when he was on the show, he was just as RATCHET as what he claimed his reasoning for 'QUITTING'. So I am sure he won't be missed too much.

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