Monday, October 31, 2016

Rumor Patrol! #IdrisElba is NOT chopping down #Madonna...yet? [vid]

RUMORS have been 'SWIRLING' around for a few weeks now that Idris Elba and Madonna were DATING!

Specualtion reached FEVER-PITCH when Madge was ringside at Elba's 1st kickboxing match this past Friday in London!  She POSTED the clips on her Instagram page:

A video posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

A source told The Sun that the actor, 44, and the 58-year-old Material Girl singer were spotted indulging in a number of smooches at London's M Restaurant - after he participated in his first boxing match for new TV show Idris Elba: Fighter.

Another INTERESTING PIC of the two lying on the floor together SPARKED more RUMOR!

Despite all of that, Idris wants it be known that he is not SLEEPING with Madonna....currently at least.

If he is not SLEEPING with her, maybe it's just a DRIVE-BY and they haven't HOPPED in the sack...YET...

It wouldn't be a BAD combination if they were, right?  We'll see what happens....  THE TWEET he posted doesn't rule out the possibility....

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