Thursday, October 6, 2016

#RHOA News: #ShereeWhitfield OFFICIALLY gets her PEACH back! [vid]

Fans and Sheree Whitfield can rejoice together now that she is OFFICIALLY back as a REGULAR cast member of the show she helped LAUNCH.  That's right, Sheree got her PEACH BACK!!  If you recall she was asked back last season as a 'FRIEND' to the WIVES, and FANS and Bravo alike saw how IMPORTANT she was to the STORYLINES and how much she ADDED that for SEASON 9, she will be HOLDING her PEACH again!  We wonder what her NEW TAGLINE will be???

Sheree took to INSTAGRAM to thank the FANS:

We are THRILLED Sheree is back and from the SUPERTRAILER, it appears that she will be a HUGE PART of a lot of the DRAMA!!

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