Saturday, October 29, 2016

No #Grammys for #TamarBraxton next year!?! [details]

It seems that 2016 just hasn't been Tamar Braxton's year. First, she was forced to leave 'Dancing With The Stars' due to a health scare, then she got fired from her co-hosting gig on 'The Real', and a perusing of her label, Epic Records' website sees her omitted from its roster confirming that she lost her record deal as well. As if things couldn't get worse, it was recently discovered that she won't even be considered for a Grammy this time around at next year's February ceremonies. Her latest album, 'Calling All Lovers' was released last year on October 2, merely two days after the eligibility cut off date to be included in last year's ceremony, Her single "If I Don't Have You", however, was nominated but didn't bring home any trophies. So, it was pretty much a given that her album would be nominated in the R&B categories this time around, Well, unfortunately not so... See why after the jump!

Tamar may have "called all lovers" but apparently not many answered because the set was a commercial failure, selling less than one-third in its first week of what its predecessor 'Love and War' amassed.  However the album was a strong outing vocally and production-wise. Perhaps due to all the irons Tamar had in the fire at the time ('The Real,' 'Dancing With the Stars,' 'Braxton Family Values,' and 'Tamar and Vince') she was not able to promote the album properly. And it seems as if Tamar's own camp thinks the album is not worthy because they neglected to submit the album to even be considered for nomination! Could it have just been a simple oversight in omission or are her own people not even backing her anymore?

We think it's time Tamar does some serious damage control and FAST! Perhaps drop the diva attitude and humble yourself a little. Stop doing so much! We at the Gamutt have been fans of yours since your first album in 1999 and despite the fact that you've BLOCKED us from your Twitter page, we are still rooting for you and wish you the best.


  1. May i remind you that its her "diva" attitude that gave her these opportunities in the first...opportunities that she didnt have going into BFV...stop asking this girl to change who she is to fit YOUR needs...Tamar is doing just fine and despite what some may think I think she is happy no matter WHAT "commercial" success she hasnt achieved....even though i think 4 grammy noms...emmy noms...BET awards and Soul Train awards on top of tv shows a nice home a pretty bank account and an INTACT family are pretty freakin great but hey who am I...dont know WHAT the definition of success is anymore...

    1. We didn't mean to upset anyone but realistically speaking there has to be a reason that her camp didn't believe the project had what it took to garner the attentionn of Grammy voters ... IJS.

  2. How you know about her bank account.. u know she don't like to PAY PEOPLE! let these people report what's the REAL TEA.. no sugar coating needed.. IJS J Brown.



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