Friday, October 28, 2016

#LupeFiasco DISSES #KidCudi for dissing #Drake! [details]

It seems like a MERRY-GO ROUND for BEEF today when not too long ago all these DUDES 'played in the same sandbox'.  NOW after Kid Cudi CLAPPED back at Drake--LUPE FIASCO has jumped in to DISS Kid Cudi---for dissing DRAKE!  CONFUSED...

Well here is what Lupe Fiasco had to say and I kinda said the same thing in another post... but here is Lupe's THOUGHTS!!

Now you know Lupe was ITCHING to say something about this, because there has been BAD BLOOD between the two for a MINUTE NOW!

The two have been at odds since last year when Cudi appeared to criticize Fiasco for selling personalized verses for fans online. Going on “Sway in the Morning” in January of last year, Fiasco offered a threat. “Cudi, let’s settle this,” he said. “Talk to me, before I fuck you up.” OOOUUUUUUU!!!!!


Let's see where this GOES...

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