Tuesday, October 4, 2016

#LHHH News: #Souljaboy 'QUITS' 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood'-says it's too 'RATCHET'!

You may have noticed that this season of 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' has been sparsely featuring Soulja Boy and Nia.  Well reports are that Soulja Boy 'QUIT' the show because it is too 'RATCHET' for his brand.

TRUTH BE TOLD, after episode 1, Souljaboy was TAKEN OFF of the opening credits and his TATTED face was hardly seen on the canvas.  So apparently LHHH, QUIT Soulja Boy before he 'officially' quit them.  But this is what he had to say:

'TOO RATCHET'?? Really, Soulja Boy's 'success' is due to RATCHETNESS, but now he is TOO GOOD for the show?  And what 'BRAND'?  The masses FORGOT about Soulja Boy at least 6 years ago.  But whatever floats your bat to get you by.  OK Soulja... keep on marching.  No word on what this does to Nia's storyline, but word fro the curb is that they were on the OUTS way before this season aired anyways, so maybe she'll start dating a girl or something to stay with the franchise.


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