Thursday, October 13, 2016

#KimKardashian RETURNS to social media...kinda! [vid]

After Kim Kardashian's HARROWING robbery in Paris a few weeks ago, the social media star has been ABSENT from all platforms... UNTIL NOW.. It appears that Kim is ready to comeback to Twitter, but not quite in the way you think.  Get the DETAILS after the JUMP!

Kim QUIETLY returned to Twitter and DOWNSIZED her social media followers.  Kim UNFOLLOWED 14 of her her followers! She was following 121, and it is not CERTAIN who got the AX. Maybe it was some FRIENDS that should've had her back when she was BOUND and GAGGED in that PARIS apartment? Well we do know that she is still following all of her IMMEDIATE family. I wonder if Blac Chyna is still on the LIST?? Hmmm...

Sources say that Kim is still shaken up by the robbery but her family are right by her side helping her COPE!

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