Sunday, October 23, 2016

It's a BOY! #DJKhaled SNAPCHATS the delivery of his CHILD! [vid]

Congrats are in order for Dj Khaled and his fiance, Nicole Tuck!!  Early this morning (October 23rd) the couple welcomed a baby boy into the world and YES, it was ALL CAPTURED on SnapChat!

Over a span of 10 hours the SNAPCHAT 'King' recorded his reactions to what was going on as he put it, “a process to progress.”

“I always thought as soon as the water breaks and the queen gets contractions the icon comes out,” he wrote on Snap. “There’s no shortcuts to greatness.”

Nervousness nearly got the best of him during that process. “My nerves are bad, man,” he told the doctor. But to calm his nerves, Khaled had a special playlist that included Lauryn Hill’s “To Zion,” Bob Marley “Put It On,” and his own medley of “I Got the Keys,” “Nas Album Done,” and “For Free.”

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AND AS PROMISED, the whole delivery was CAPTURED on SnapChat! Take a LOOK!


Congrats to the TWO for their new bundle of JOY! THEY GOT THE Keys now.

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