Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I TOLD Y'ALL! #Ciara OFFICIALLY announces her pregnancy! [details]

If you recall LAST WEEK, we reported that Ciara's latest outings kind hinted that she maybe hiding a little BABY BUMP! [In Case You Missed It HERE].  So now the RUMORS have been CONFIRMED!

On her BIRTHDAY (Oct 25), the 'Body Party' singer and spokesmodel shared 'THE GREATEST BLESSING OF ALL' with the fans!

This will be 27 year old Russell Wilson's 1st child and Ciara's 2nd. An insider tells E! News that both Russ and Ciara “would like a big family.”

Wilson has praised Ciara’s motherly ways. “Ciara’s such a great mom,” he told PEOPLE in July. “She reads to him every night. I read to him too, and we just share so many special moments together. That’s what family is all about…Ultimately, it’s about giving back and loving as much as you can to your fullest. That’s what you’re able to do together.”

Congrats to the LOVELY pair, and little Future Zahir is going to have some COMPANY.  Let's hope for a little GIRL to add to their family!

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