Sunday, October 30, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: @RealLesIsMore interview COMING SOON! [details]

THE FANS have been WAITING...  THE WAIT is almost OVER.  Singer/songwriter LesIsMore UNLEASHES the ➖➕ EP on November 11th and we got the 1st INTERVIEW with this up and coming PHENOM.

   LesIsMore gets CANDID with us about the making of the new EP, how he got his start in the GAME and the origins of his UNIQUE SOUND.  You have to stay tuned though.  ALMOST but not yet.  I must admit, it was a PLEASURE 'shootin' the shit' with this amazing artist, and I GUARANTEE you are going to learn things you didn't know.  Stick around, you will really DIG this ONE on ONE interview for sure!  UNTIL THEN...get into this EMERGING ARTIST just a little more...


Twitter @RealLesIsMore

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