Thursday, October 20, 2016

DEthroned! #KanyeWest goes OFF on #JayZ! “Our kids ain’t never even played together.” [vid]

There seems to be some brewing beef between 'The Throne's Jay Z and Kanye West! During his “Saint Pablo Tour” stop in Seattle on Wednesday (Oct. 19), Kanye West announced that “there will never be” a sequel to the joint project he and Jay Z released in 2011 and apparently, it all has to do with Drake’s “Pop Style.”

“I wasn’t on the song because of Hov,” Kanye told fans. “‘Cause of some TIDAL-Apple bullshit. This shit be gettin’ me tight every time I perform this motherfu**er. Y’all didn’t get what y’all was supposed to get with me and Drake on this song because of some TIDAL-Apple bullshit.”

OH IT GETS even THICKER than that. You know when Kanye has SHIT to say, she says it like an ERUPTING VOLCANO! Kanye CONTINUED to reveal details on why 'Pop Style' never came to be on 'Views'.

“I started freestyling to it,” he said. “Jay thought of a couple lines. I said, ‘Man, just go ahead and throw that on there. They’ll be so surprised. He probably wouldn’t expect you to be on there.’ And [Drake] was like, ‘Oh shit, The Throne is on this shit!’ Then Jay thought about it and, out of respect for Meek Mill, he ain’t want to be on the track. And I said, ‘Look, I’ll call Drake, I’ll call Meek, I’ll call y’all…we gotta squash this shit. We gotta let people have this song!’ But then it went out of that territory and it went into some TIDAL shit, some political shit, some shit about percentages on songs.”

If you think he was done... HE WASN'T. Yeezy got PERSONAL.

“I can’t take this shit, bro,” he said. “Our kids ain’t never even played together.”

During another portion of the show, Kanye also alluded to a conversation with Jay Z about the robbery in Paris. Ye was MAD that Jay Z didn't make an appearance to check in on the family after Kim Kardashian was ROBBED. “You wanna know how I’m feeling?” he asked. “Come by the house. Bring the kids by the house like we brothers. Let’s sit down.”

Now this is not the FIRST the two friends have been at odds, so I am sure they will WORK IT OUT.  Are you SURPRISED North and Blue have never had a play date?  We are not.  Beyonce ain't checkin for Kim like THAT! lol.

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