Tuesday, October 18, 2016

#Ciara named the new face of #Revlon! [details]

Ciara is TAKING NO PRISONERS in this 'SUPERMODEL' game.  The newly married singer and SPOKESPERSON was just named the NEW brand ambassador for Revlon!!

The singer told People that becoming the face of Revlon had been a lifelong dream and that the brand has had significance in her life since before she was even born.

“My mom was trying to figure out my name when my dad bought her a fragrance called Ciara by Revlon. That’s where my name came from! Ever since I understood that, my mind has been on it,” she tells People.


As Global Brand Ambassador for the brand, she will not only appear in color cosmetics ads, but will also be the face of the “Choose Love” campaign, part of the brand’s larger Love Is On platform, which launched in 2014 and focuses on celebrating love and all of its positive aspects and possibilities.

“It’s so exciting to be a part of the ‘Choose Love’ campaign because the messaging is parallel with what was and is happening in my life,” says Ciara.

“Having my own personal journey that I’ve had through my life, I’ve just really been about female empowerment and that’s really, that’s really important to Revlon, too,” Ciara says.”It’s an exciting thing because, you know, it’s bigger than the makeup. They take it a step further by using the platform to help make a difference.”

CONGRATS to Ciara.  Somewhere Future is PLOTTING on how he can MESS this deal up for her.. LOL.  WE KID!!!!!


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