Sunday, October 2, 2016

#BeyHive INTERRUPTED! New ad launch thought to be #Beyonce announcement...but is SOMETHING ELSE! [details]

There is a NEW ad campaign that was SPOTTED in Times Square that made many BEYONCE FANS clamor for that RUMORED joint Jay Z album....but alas, the Beyhive's hopes were DASHED!

If you recall, this is the SAME color and FONT of Beyoncé's 2013 SURPRISE album, 'Beyonce', but BEYHIVE got a bit AHEAD OF THEMSELVES with this one.

The new ad campaign is actually for the RELAUNCH of 'America's Next Top Model' for Vh1!  Sorry BEYHIVE, but you should KNOW that Bey NEVER does the same thing TWICE!

But you can look forward to 'ANTM' on Vh1 December 12th!!!

Still good news, right?

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