Thursday, September 8, 2016

#Usher receives Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame! [vid]

Usher has been in the game for a LONG time and for the life of me, I thought he had already gotten this honor.  Wednesday, Usher was presented with his STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

“I’m here because I haven’t given up and I have even more to tell,” he said. “It’s a story that started many, many, many years ago that leads to this moment. It’s not just what you do while you’re here. It’s the evidence of what you’ve done and what you leave on the walls, on the ground, and the hearts of all the people who are passionately connected to what you put out in the world.”

Usher was surrounded by his family and a few celebrity friends as he basked in this amazing honor.

CONGRATS to Usher and for all he has contributed to POP CULTURE! Usher has become the 2, 588th recipient of the honor and he said it felt like 1st place!

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