Wednesday, September 7, 2016

#TaylorSwift & #TomHiddleston have SPLIT, but guess WHY!? [details]

All GOOD things must come to and end right?  Well it appears that Taylor Swift has put the BRAKES on yet ANOTHER PUBLIC romance!  Taylor and Tom are NO MORE--just like that, but guess WHY the two SPLIT??

"Taylor felt he wanted to take the relationship to be too public," a source told E! News today in the wake of their split, which we're hearing was amicable, "and she was not happy about it and thought it was too much publicity."

So to  DISSECT that statement, it appears that Tom was looking for a COME UP on the COATTAILS of Swift and she wasn't having it! LOL.

Maybe Taylor will just CHILL on the RELATIONSHIP thing for awhile and just do HOOK UPS until she finds herself..

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