Tuesday, September 20, 2016

#SeanKingston INSISTS he did not SNITCH on #TheGame! [details]

The DRAMA between The Game and Meek Mill is GOING back and forth and has gotten crazy.  Sean Kingston is SMAKC dab in the middle of the beef.

The feud began when Kingston’s $300,000 chain was stolen. The Game claimed Kingston and Meek Mill spoke with detectives about his alleged involvement in the jacking. However, Kingston’s attorney Michelle Iarusso disagrees.

“At no time did my client bring up The Game during the investigation,” she told TMZ. “In fact, [Sean], to date, has not even spoken to any member of the LAPD regarding this incident.”
Despite what was previously publicized, The Game is not mentioned in the police report.

Kingston posted a screenshot from TMZ to 'help his case'.

Sean....this is not helping the situation and those VIDEOS you deleted from IG didn't either.

Let's see where this goes now...


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