Thursday, September 8, 2016

#RHOA NEWS: #KandiBurruss & #PorshaWilliams come to BLOWS at recent taping! [details]

As you know the RHOA season 9 is TAPING as we speak and the DRAMA has already started!  WORD from the CURB is that Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams got into an ALTERCATION while taping which lead to Porsha FLEEING the scene!!!

According to Tamara Tattles, things got a little HEATED between Kandi & Porsha!

The word is that the whole cast met up at an Atlanta restaurant for dinner when one of the ladies asked how Porsha's anger management classes were going.  Apparently that question struck a NERVE with Williams who went OFF!

After that things got HEATED between Kandi and Porsha.  Rumor has it Porsha fled the restaurant as production captured her running out into traffic and back and forth across the street! Porsha had a full on meltdown while the rest of the cast watched through the window.

This sounds like classic Porsha and of course the Bravo cameras were rolling to capture all of the FALL OUT for us to see in November.  If this is TRUE, I guess the anger management is not going to good for Williams.  We are going to keep our ears open for more details.

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