Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rapper #Desiigner is a FREE MAN, gun charges DROPPED!! [Details]

Rapper Desiigner is in even MORE trouble after that TRAFFIC STOP in New York City but for now he is FREE!

Desiigner is a free man after being locked up for his road rage incident.

The "Panda" rapper was just released after his arraignment in NYC Saturday morning.  No surprise ... he didn't talk much about the charges on the way out, but he sure insinuated the case against him won't stick, claiming he did right and that's why he was just released on his own recognizance.

TMZ broke the story ... cops allegedly found a large quantity of pills on the console of the SUV in which the rapper was a passenger.  Authorities got specific during the hearing ... 57 green pills, 78 white pills and 139 round white pills.  There were also a few duffle bags, allegedly containing controlled substances.

Cops have not yet finalized testing on the pills ... but Desiigner's attorney said they're all anabolic steroids prescribed to the driver.  Our law enforcement sources say it was Oxycontin, methadone and steroids.
As we reported, the D.A. dropped the gun charges because cops didn't find a weapon, despite the other driver who claims designer pointed a pistol at him.

It pays to have MONEY and a GREAT LAWYER, right?

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