Monday, September 5, 2016

NEW MUSIC: #NickiMinaj's 'freestyle' that everyone is going CRAZY OVER! [audio]

Nicki Minaj is what everyone is saying.  Nicki just dropped a NEW 'FREESTYLE' over Young M.A's 'Ooouuu' beat.  Everyone is going NUTS over this new audio saying that the OG Nicki is back.. Did she ever leave?  And is this 'freestyle' that FIRE!?

On the track, 'The Pinkprint Freestyle', Nicki BIG UPS her mentor Weezy, shouts out Foxy Brown and spits a few bars about her MAN, Meek Mill!  Is it FIRE?  You be the JUDGE!

We all know Nicki can SPIT with the BEST OF THEM.  Listen to some of her MIXTAPES prior to signing a major.  She has had some GEMS on the hardcore side of music but has veered more to the MAINSTREAM side of things.  Is this her BEST? No.  It is pretty dope however, but Nicki is even better than this.  She has been somewhat QUIET on the solo tip.  She has made cameos on NUMEROUS tracks recently, but 'The Pinkprint' didn't produce as many singles as one might think.  Let's hope that Nicki is WORKING on new SOLO material in the lane that doesn't involve 'Pink'.  That theme has been TAPPED OUT. 

It will be INTERESTED to see what comes next from Onika.

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