Sunday, September 11, 2016

#Monica talks about her CURRENT relationship with #Brandy after recent 'Chile Bye' comment! [vid]

'The Real' is GEARING up for SEASON 3 and they are coming out the gate SWINGING HARD!  Monica sits down with the FOURSOME to discuss her CURRENT relationship with Brandy.  As you know the media has wanted to PIT these two women against each other for YEARS despite the fact they have worked together on two CHART -TOPPING projects.  When the #SoGoneChallenge took off and garnered RENEWED interest in the SOUL SIRENS 2003 hit, Brandy was asked by a fan if she would participate in the challenge and she replied, 'Chile Bye'.  Some thought that was a DIRECT swipe at Monica.  Mrs. Brown has not SPOKEN on the 'slight'--UNTIL NOW.  On the season 3 premiere airing later this week, Monica opens up about it!

Monica gave a very SUCCINT rundown of the situation in such a CLASSY way:

I am not bothered at all. This is what I always say, honestly. The ‘old me’ and the new me are two different things. This journey of self-progression and self-love and empowerment that I’m on — I can’t go backwards. I think that was just a test from God for me. I’ve always thought that she was one of the most legendary people and has one of the most amazing voices — and her runs and riffs.
I think that some of it’s been blown out of proportion to a degree, but I can’t tell my kids to do something that I can’t do. It was just a test for me to always take the high road and know that in anything that’s meant for you in this life, if it’s meant for you it’s yours.
Nobody can stop it or stand in the way of it. So, I wasn’t bothered at all!”

When asked if she would work with Brandy again, Monica responded:
“I would work with her again, because.. I mean… it’s never been an easy situation. But, the reason I would do it is because we are from a special elite group. It was her, Aaliyah, and myself. And it was a very special time where each of us were individuals, we did our own thing,  and we made our own mark. 
And the truth and reality  is that the only Grammy either of us has is together. So, that to me says something special. So yeah, I absolutely would [work with her again].”

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