Tuesday, September 6, 2016

WATCH: #LHHH Season 3 episode 4 'Mama Beef' [full ep]

Masika goes into early labor and from the show it appears that Fetty Wap SWOOPS in just in time at the hospital.  Now somebody lying because months ago, TMZ reported that Fetty Wap's plane got in a little bit after her delivery and he MISSED the birth.  But that's not what we saw here.  At any rate, the two 'vowed' to try to do better at co-parenting.  A1 and Lyrica are in a QUANDRY at their dueling mothers feet.  Pam and Momma Lyrica don't seem to get along too well.  Brandi and Max are still at odds since she spent their child's 27k for a boutique.  Safaree blows onto the L.A. scene in a new 'relationship' with Nikki.  Who knew Safaree was a RAPPER that sounded like a Jamaican cartoon character.  BUT AT ANY RATE, check out episode 4 of season 3, 'Mama Beef' after the JUMP!


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