Thursday, September 15, 2016

#LadyGaga ANNOUNCES new album, 'Joanne' and release date! [details]

Fans won't have to wait very long for Lady Gaga's upcoming album.  GaGa announced the title of her new project, 'Joanne' after her aunt who passed away at 19 after a battle with lupus in 1974.

“This was a new step for me as an artist,” she explained. “I think mostly because I felt so embraced by contemporary boys in the business who are real kind of music nerds.”

The album boasts collaborations with Mark Ronson, Father John Misty, and Hillary Lindsey to name a few.  GaGa says that the album is not finished but should be finished in the next 48 hours and is set to DROP on October 21.  The physical version of the album is slated to contain artifacts from Joanne and her family.
“It’s so personal,” she explained. “Every single song…is extremely autobiographical.”

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