Thursday, September 8, 2016

#KanyeWest CONFIRMS joint album with #Drake! [details]

Is a MASTERPIECE in the making? Drake & Kanye on a JOINT ALBUM!???  Well it will come to pass, says Yeezy.

Kanye confirmed the rumors during an interview with Vogue. “We’re just working on music, working on a bunch of music together, just having fun going into the studio,” he explained. “We’re working on an album, so there’s some exciting things coming up soon.”

So WHEN do they have the TIME!? Drake is HOT off the success of 'VIEWS' with the accompanying 'Summer 16' Tour, and Kanye has just set out on the 'St Pablo' Tour.  But if they say it's coming, then we'll wait for it, right? 

We wonder what they would call it? 'Watch The Throne II'? 'Dark Twisted Views from the Chi?  Well I am sure they'll cross that bridge when they come to it.

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