Thursday, September 8, 2016

#JanetJackson PREGNANCY NEWS! The REASON she has been on OUT of the Spotlight! [pics]

Janet Jackson has been very LOW KEY since she announced her PREGNANCY.  We've gotten just GLIMPSES of her pregnant which has made many rush to judgement that there is a PROBLEM with her health.  Here is the REAL reason Janet has been out of the spotlight.

Sources have speculating that there are HEALTH ISSUES surrounding Janet's pregnancy that has kept her so LOW KEY, but this is what we have learned.  According to reports, she’s been at home on strict bed rest following doctor’s orders after allegedly packing on over 100 pounds during her pregnancy!

A source revealed that the iconic star has gone up to a whopping 250 lbs, saying, “This pregnancy is doing a number on her. She didn’t want anyone to see that she was already getting huge [when she was photographed in July].”  

Fans who ADORE Janet know that when she is not on stage she is RELATIVELY a private person naturally, so her going 'underground' during this time is no big surprise to me.  ALSO, bear in mind, Janet is 50 and pregnant.  That is HIGH RISK for real, so she needs to take this time to make sure she and her baby are healthy and well.  We are wishing Janet and Wissam a healthy pregnancy and baby!  We'll be waiting for you Jan! #Plush

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