Thursday, September 29, 2016

#EmpireMusic 1st Listen: #MariahCarey & Empire Cast 'Infamous' [audio]

We've been PATIENTLY waiting for MUSIC SIREN, Mariah Carey to GRACE the EMPIRE studios, right?  Creator and her good friend, Lee Daniels has been TEASING that MC would be apart of his BREAK-OUT hit since season 2, and DAH-LINGS, she is finally here!  In the next episode of 'Empire', Carey enters as 'Kitty', a powerhouse singer who comes to help Jamal get his confidence back in the studio. Smollett, a HUGE Carey fan, says it was incredible working with the star. “It was great,” Smollett told EW on the Chicago set of Empire. “She’s a sweetheart. She’s a professional and, you know, this is a long time coming.”

We have the 1st Listen of the song she and Jussie Smollett collaborated on, entitled 'Infamous'.  Take a LISTEN!!

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