Friday, September 16, 2016

#BitterBrandy back THROWING SHADE! Now she just sounds DESPARATE! [vid]

Brandy is wearing the HASHTAG #BitterBrandy TRIUMPHANTLY it seems.  Her LATEST little RANT is bordering on DESPERATE and PETTY.  As you know, APPARENTLY Monica's appearance on 'The Real' recently has ruffled Brandy's feathers.  She took to SNAPCHAT to vent and her venting just sounded so very PETTY and uncharacteristic  of the star.

“I’ve been erasing and deleting and starting over because these streets. Very, very lit. Is everything fine? Yes, everything is OK. I just know that my calling is higher. I will not take credit for that. That’s all God, period.”
Brandy then alluded to ‘rising above’ her ‘battles’:
“I have to stay poised. I have to choose my battles. So I’m going to choose to inspire.”

Check out the ODD and tired ramblings of Brandy after the JUMP!

Somebody PLEASE book Brandy for something!  Is there a Chick-Fil-A grand opening she can cut the ribbon at or a online BLOG that has space on their calendar to give Brandy a 'PLATFORM' to get the 'wee' off her chest.  She OBVIOUSLY has too much free time on her hands.  Monica took a HIGH ROAD on the show and said nothing NEGATIVE about Brandy.  If this little subtle shade is about all that. PLEASE GIVE IT A REST Brandy.  Make a song, or make an appearance with Ray J somewhere.  Stay off SOCIAL MEDIA with this type of stuff because you are coming off as very PETTY and it is NOT becoming of you. Can someone start the #FullMoon challenge so Brandy can get some shine?  I know you are dealing with a record label that could careless if you ever sing or drop music again and your 'sitcom' was AXED from BET but please do us and yourself a favor and have some DIGNITY!  (By the way, how do you get canceled from BET?  They have no shows as is!)    Brandy you have a LEGACY--protect that.  PLEASE.  We love you but you are wearing that little beef thin.

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