Saturday, September 17, 2016

#AtlantaFX BREAKS viewing records!! [details]

The numbers are in and the PEOPLE have spoken and FX's break-out new show, 'Atlanta' is a RATINGS HIT!!!

Its first two episodes aired Sept. 6, and with 1.2 million telecast viewers under 50 (1.8 million total viewers), it surpassed the previous record for a basic cable comedy premiere — 2013’s “Inside Amy Schumer,” a show that turned a comedic eye on being a woman in 21st-century America and is now on hiatus after four successful years.

The second episode of “Atlanta,” which aired immediately after the premiere, maintained 92 percent of its audience, Vulture reported.

The show, written and directed by Donald Glover, follows two black cousins. Earn Marks (Glover) just dropped out of Princeton and finds himself in a dead-end job. Meanwhile, his cousin Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry), a local rapper and drug dealer, appears to be on the verge of a hit single. The show explores their relationship, along with that Southern brand of poverty that so starkly contrasts with the booming downtown of Atlanta.

“Atlanta” has many quirks that may have turned off a traditional studio exec. To some audiences, it’s both inviting and alienating by design — “I wanted to show white people, you don’t know everything about black culture,” Glover told Vulture.
It also features an all-black writing staff, which is nearly unheard of in television. Not to mention, no one in the writer’s room had ever worked in one before. The director, Hiro Murai, had previously only worked with music videos.

Recent years have shown that breaking free from traditional casting and telling stories heretofore untold on television isn’t only a critical boon but a financial one. American audiences seem hungry for new stories, which shows like “Atlanta” deliver.[Source:WP]

Let's keep watching 'Atlanta' and other shows with DIVERSITY in the casting.  It's important that we continue to support and spotlight shows like these that help advance the cause.

CONGRATS to FX, Donald Glover and all the people involved in making this show a success at only 3 episodes in!

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