Thursday, September 29, 2016

1st Look! #Married2Medicine RETURNS in November! [vid]

It's that time of year, 'Married to Medicine' returns in NOVEMBER and the DRAMA is the form of Mariah Huq! It appears she is back in FULL CAPACITY and her BEEF with Quad is STILL alive and well...

Some of the ladies are toasting to new beginnings as Lisa Nicole Cloud is ready to embark on motherhood again. "These eggs are ready to be fertilized," she says. Meanwhile, Toya Bush-Harris is facing a "financial crisis." And the women are learning that having it all isn't always easy as they tackle rocky romances and intense family turmoil. For some, career will always be a priority. "Being a doctor is a huge responsibility," Dr. Jacqueline Walters reveals. "You're the next person in line after God."
But don't think that getting to the top of this heap won't be without some shade. "Quad was never built to be a damn queen bee," Mariah Huq shares. "She don't even know how to wear the crown."
Catch the Season 4 premiere of Married to Medicine when it airs on Sunday, November 6 at 9/8c.

NOW here is the issue with this show I have.  First coming after 'RHOA' can be good for SOME, but not all.  A new show would sit COZY after 'Housewives', but RHOA always brings the BIG drama and sometimes coming after them, Married' pales in comparison.  Especially since 'Married' seems like the red-haired step-sister to 'RHOA' anyways.  ALSO, it's the SAME BAG.  'Married' has the SAME CAST for the past 3 seasons--they need something or SOMEBODY new to TURN THE TABLES or SPICE up the brand.  And seeing that BOTH shows are centered in ATLANTA, you would think they would RUN INTO each other or do like a MASHUP at least once.  That would spice things up for sure.  But we'll appears there is still a little FIRE left in the FRANCHISE...let's hope it SIZZLES to a FLAME!


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