Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Y'all know #EllenDeGeneres is NOT racist! Defends herself against #UsainBolt Meme! [details]

Comedian and host, Ellen DeGeneres has come under FIRE for a photo of PHOTOSHOPPED on the back of Usain Bolt. 

Some are saying that she is a RACIST and that the tweet was INSENSITIVE.  check out the TWEET!

This is FUNNY to me.  If you know Ellen's HUMOR, this is not the first time she has done this and knowing her HUMOR you would KNOW that she is NOT RACIST.  Some CRITICS say that the CONNOTATION of this image is a THROWBACK to slavery.  Now there were instances where slave owners literally rode the backs of their 'property', but Ellen has PROVEN that she is not RACIST and her pic was not MEANT to depict any aspect of slavery.

Ellen has spoken out about the meme.

Now I see it as a JOKE, and I am sure Usain Bolt got a CHUCKLE out of it, but I CAN see how it may be a bit UNSETTLING to some.  I am SURE that Ellen did not mean to OFFEND and will show her true intentions in DUE TIME.

Ellen...we're waiting..

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