Thursday, August 11, 2016

WATCH: #HollywoodDivas Season 3 Episode 6 -'PROM-ises' [full ep]

The DIVAS lunch ended with a BANG as Countess and Carmen almost came to BLOWS! Later, Golden throws her SWIMSUIT fashion show, and at the last minute Countess backs out but he stylist Savanna steps in in her place.  To be a TRANS WOMAN, you would think she would do a GOOD JOB on the RUNWAY--SHE DIDN'T.  Also Golden models her own looks and GIVES the FEW audience members that were in attendance a LOOKIE LOO at her EXPOSED boobs!

Later, Countess having missed her PROM in 1996 due to her CAREER, throws an ADULT PROM and ends up with a RING and the SURPRISE of her life!  Check out 'Hollywood Divas' season 3 episode 6 after the JUMP!

Is it just me or is Savanna SUPER MESSY?

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