Monday, August 8, 2016

WATCH: #BBWLA Season 5 Episode 5 'Big Bear Bitch Fight' [full ep]

Shaunie and Brandi TRY to resolve their DIFFERENCES but with the rest of the ladies at the TABLE--they get NOWHERE!

Malaysia has the IDEA to invite ALL of the LADIES up to Big Bear Mountain for a 'PEACE' retreat, but SOME of the LADIES are still harboring OLD BEEFS.  Angel Brinks is STILL MAD that Malaysia came to her 'event' to SUPPORT Brandi.  I mean REALLY Angel, what were you seling anyways, AVON? No ONE CARED.  GET OVER IT.

Angel Love seems to have a PROBLEM with EVERYBODY and BARK LOUD but makes no sense.  But at least Shaunie and Brandi got to TALK ALONE and there was an APOLOGY given... SURPRISE!  Check out season 5 episode 5 after the JUMP!!!

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