Tuesday, August 2, 2016

#SweetiePies #TimNorman SPEAKS OUT about his mother's LAWSUIT against him! [details]

Last week we reported that 'Welcome To Sweetie Pie's Robbie Montgomery had filed a LAWSUIT against her son, Tim Norman for COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT among other things.  We were SADDENED to hear that there was FAMILY discord involving the business and MONEY.

Tim Norman has SPOKEN OUT about the suit and says that Miss Robbie as she is affectionately called brought the suit because she wished to SELL the family business!  Here is what else Tim had to say!!

Norman seems to think that SOMEONE has gotten in Miss Robbie's ear and has convinced her to SELL the business.

“In this turn of events, unfortunately, outsiders appear to be misguiding and manipulating my mother to sell our family business. It’s complicated, to say the least, as we have joint interest in various facets of the Sweetie Pies brand. I have to stay true to our brand and our business and I truly hope this disagreement can be settled between my mother and me."
He continued, "I have always, and will always, want what is best for my mother, our family, and our people. This is the risk of doing business with loved ones and I am hopeful for swift resolution.”


Let's hope they can keep this out of the courts and that the FAMILY can resolve this issue amongst themselves.

Norman also took to INSTAGRAM to reiterate his SENTIMENTS!

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