Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sex #Olympics! Lots of SEX at the #Rio Games! 450k Condoms supplied! [details]

In just a FEW DAYS some of the best ATHLETES in the WORLD will compete at the Summer Olympics in Rio.  Years of HARD WORK have lead up to the ULTIMATE display of ATHLETICISM in hopes of achieving GOLD!  So with all this HARDWORK, the athletes have t have means to BLOW of STEAM, right!?  It is KNOWN that there will be a LOT of EXTRACURRICULAR activities going on off the field.  That's RIGHT SEX OLYMPICS and the IOC knows this!

The International Olympic Committee has ordered a SURPRISING 450,000 condoms for 10,500 athletes for the 16 day period!!!

This is 3 times the amount supplied for the London games.  The 450,000 condoms are comprised of 100,000 female condoms and 350,000 make condoms as well as 175k lube packets!!

The Olympics has a history of promiscuity between athletes; at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 an emergency order of 20,000 condoms were brought in when the initial provision of 70,000 ran out half-way through the games. U.S. Athlete Josh Lakatos said: "I’d never witnessed the debauchery seen at Sydney in my entire life... My apartment in the Olympic Village was like a brothel." During the 2008 Beijing Olympics women’s football goalkeeper Hope Solo revealed: "There’s a lot of sex going on at the Olympics... I’ve seen people having sex out in the open, getting down and dirty on grass between buildings."

If every single Olympian paired up here’s what happens:

•45 condoms per individual athlete.
•90 per pair of athletes.
•5.6 condoms per day.
•Assuming each athlete spent 10 minutes having sex per condom (they’re used to setting quick times) the 2016 Olympians would spend 75,000 hours having sex.
•That’s 8.5 years of sex.
•Using a total of 185 gallons of personal lubricant.
•According to Trojan, the average length of a male condom is 7.5 inches. Assuming all 350,000 are the same size ...

Let the GAMES begin....

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