Tuesday, August 16, 2016

#Petty? #NFL says they never OFFERED #Adele #Superbowl Slot! [details]

Just DAYS after Adele SCOFFED off requests to perform at next year's SUPER BOWL halftime EVENT, the NFL fires back saying they NEVER offered her the GIG to BEGIN WITH! OOP!

Here is what the NFL & Pepsi had to say about it:

“The NFL and Pepsi are big fans of Adele,” they said. “We have had conversations with several artists about the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show. However, we have not at this point extended a formal offer to Adele or anyone else. We are focused on putting together a fantastic show for Houston and we look forward to revealing that in good time.”

I am SURE this is to SAFE FACE--maybe.  They may have not FORMALLY offered her the GIG, bit maybe her NAME had been THROWN around and she just went ahead and NIPPED IT in the BUD before it could even GO FURTHER.  And for good REASON.  Adele even said herself, that STAGE id for DANCERS and ENTERTAINERS, and that she just wasn't in that LANE at this TIME.  So HOPEFULLY Pepsi and the NFL can get a GOOD HEADLINER.  I mean BeyoncĂ© can't save the SHOW every year.  I heard RUMBLINGS that FANS wanted Kanye... NOW that would be COOL.. As long as he does some of his OLD stuff and not so much of the 'Pablo' ish--and bring some of his CELEBRITY FRIENDS along.... That could be EPIC.. Pepsi, get YEEZY'S PEOPLE on the HORN....


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