Saturday, August 6, 2016

#Olympics News: Rio delivers 'UNDERWHELMING' Opening Ceremony critics say! [video]

Did you catch the Rio Games Olympic Opening Ceremonies?  Well if you didn't the CRITICS are saying it was UNDERWHELMING in comparioson to OTHER host cities like London and etc.

Here is what you MISSED!!

Rio provided fewer memorable moments than London, fewer pyrotechnics than Beijing. 

It wasn’t London—but then, at a fraction of the cost, it was never going to be. Brazil delivered an understated party, replete with Parkour and dancing, and ending on a serious message about the threat of global warming and environmental destruction to Brazil.
Where London had surprises designed to put a smile on the face—who could forget Elizabeth II and Daniel Craig as James Bond appear to leap from a helicopter?

Nonetheless, enjoy some of the SIGHTS and SOUNDS from the OPENING NIGHT!!


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