Sunday, August 21, 2016

#NickiMinaj LEASES a HUGE MANSION in BeverlyHills--lets #MeekMill live with her! [details]

Not sure WHY, but Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are still going strong, despite many BREAK-UP RUMORS.

The two have taken a step forward in their relationship by living together.  Nicki has LEASED an 9-bedroom-8 bathroom MANSE in Beverly Hills with a 5-car garage!

How much is this setting the '2nd coming of Black Barbie'?? Well Onika is shelling out 30,000 dollar a MONTH for the HUGE ESTATE.  Why not just BUY the home?  Well, the couple planned to buy a home in Los Angeles before Meek was sentenced to house arrest for violating probation. Now, Nicki’s name is the only one on the lease docs, as per the report.   SO IN ESSENCE, Nicki is leasing and allowing Meek to live with her as an occupant..LOL. I wonder if she makes him do the dishes and keep his room cleaned too. LOL.

Can somebody please WRITE a RHYME about this... Drake--this one is TOO easy....

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