Thursday, August 11, 2016

NEW VIDEO: #Usher 'No Limit' feat. #YoungThug [vid]

FINALLY Usher drops the video for 'No Limit' so us MERE mortals can view it.  Initially, it was just on Tidal or Apple Music or one of those PLATFORMS that I REFUSE to purchase.  If you guys want to send a FREE SUBSCRIPTION this way for the sake of the BLOG..we'd accept GLADLY!

So get into this NEW VISUAL..and finally I am actually getting into the song.  I didn't think it was tight at first--but SIRIUS XM 'The Heat' plays it so much that it has GROWN on me... CHECK IT OUT...

NOT a BIG BUDGET visual like we've seen Usher do in the past, but it gets the JOB done nonetheless.  I am SURE he is just wetting our appetites.  He PROVES he still has the MOVES though.   STAY TUNED!

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