Sunday, August 14, 2016

NEW VIDEO: #MilaJ 'Kickin Back' [vid]

Mila J is GEARING UP for the RELEASE of  her EP, '213'.  One of the FIRST visuals from the project is a SMOOTH yet FUNKY track, 'Kickin Back.  “Kickin’ Back” appears alongside five other tracks on the new EP. The title is obviously a nod to L.A., but is there a deeper reason you decided to name the project after your hometown area code, she was asked.

Well, I still haven’t put out my first album yet, so I feel like I was taking it up from where the first EP (M.I.L.A.) left off. I wanted to keep with the same theme since the first EP was made in L.A. It was kind of like a continuation to represent where in from. That’s the original area code of L.A. before 323. This [one] was more laid back vibes versus the first one. Songs one through six [are] like a typical summer in Cali.

Get into the VIDEO!

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