Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Moods & Moments: #TheInternet 'Under Control' [Live]

I Got It

Living from night to day
Check to check
I walk alone-protect my neck

In and out of reality and the surreal
What's the deal?
Not sure where I am headed today, but I'm walking.
I'm living
I'm learning
Yearning to know me and figure out the things I thought I knew

I lost myself a nickel ago
Dimes and pennies I hold tight
They jingle but they don't drop

Feels like I'm wasting
Valuable time
Betting on RED
For my time in the light

When is it coming
I walked to the edge and almost went in
Pulled myself back
That path is not the way

Telling you the truth
I need to be free of you
The weight
Is heavier than I like to bare
Or even let on that I am carrying

Is my pride to thick
My ego to big
I wake up seeking greatness
But greeted with the paper
It's bad news

Shot down with not a weapon in sight
Protect and serve
But who are they serving?
Walking on a BLUE thin line
Almost falling in, but yet

In control
Out of control
Who's to say
Going in and out of that reality
One day I'm on
The next spinning

As it all unfolds
Even in chaos
I know it's under control
He got me

I know
I feel
I believe..
Most days
Some days I need help.

It's just a matter of time once I build the nerve
To leave
I got it

It's almost there
I know it.
I got it.

-Zam Zhinga

It's been a little while since I did a post.  I have a lot of THOUGHTS in my mind, but I always like to connect a SONG I'm digging with a THOUGHT I'm having.  So I just came up with a little PROSE to vibe with The Internet's 'Under Control'.  Melt into the NIGHT....



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