Friday, August 5, 2016

Moods & Moments: #Jacquees 'Feel It' feat. #Lloyd & #RichHomieQuan [audio]


On the train
Walking down the sidewalk
Looking to be bad
Street lights flickering....
Homeless one on the run
Asking, wanting looking for a dollar...

Coming down now, meet you in 3.
The elevator ride up to the suite is long
But really it wasn't.
Just the anxiety

Cross the threshold get cozy
Down to the socks
Lights low.

Skin on skin
Body to body
Five, six, seven minutes
Matched up pound for pound.
You roll I rock

The ceiling fan slows down or is it me?
Why you want to be bad?
It's a saga
Repeat, but the names and faces are different

Sweating up the sheets
You stretch way out your reach
But you still want to be bad.
And indulge....

Later after the high comes down
Back on the pavement
Trying to get home
Until the next late night ride...

-Zam Zhinga

Time to MELT into the NIGHT. let's get a little SULTRY with Jacquees' "Feel It' with a little help from Lloyd and Rich Homie Quan...

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