Monday, August 1, 2016

*updated* #GSW #DraymondGreen APOLOGIZES for NAKED pic SNAFU! [NSFW pic]

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green got into a bit of TROUBLE using SnapChat recently.  Green was posting stories on the popular app when he posted a pic of his PENIS!

Initially, Green said what every celeb says when they send something PRIVATE that was supposed to be PERSONAL-- 'HE GOT HACKED'.

But later FESSED up to the SNAFU and ADMITTED that he INDEED posted the photo.

“I apologize for the situation. It’s clearly not what I was trying to do,” he told reporters.

“It was a situation where it was meant to be a private message,.I kinda hit the wrong button and it sucks. It was meant to be private. We’re all one click away from placing something in the wrong place, and I suffered from that this morning.”

He should've just said the from the JUMP. In case you MISSED the EXPLICIT shot.. Here it is HERE!!

He should get a lot of FOLLOWERS after this or not. YOU


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  2. Hate it happen but I'm sure all was looking at it.



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