Friday, August 19, 2016

#Diddy & #Cassie BREAK-UP, again. COPS CALLED after incident! [details]

It appears that Sean Combs and his on again- off again girlfriend Cassie have split up again, and this time COPS were called to the scene of their 'DOMESTIC SITUATION'.  Here is what we know so far:

via TMZ:

On Wednesday, Cassie broke up with Puff Daddy while they were in a car, according to TMZ. Insiders claim an argument ensued and Diddy jumped out of the vehicle with her phone after scrolling through it with suspicions of infidelity.

Cassie’s mother called the cops after finding out about the incident. Before police arrived to her home, Diddy returned the phone. The “King of Hearts” singer later informed authorities that her phone was retrieved, but she still filled out a domestic incident report. No crime was reported.

NO WORD on what the status of their relationship is TODAY. This is not the 1st time the pair have split and we don't think it will be the LAST.

Reports of the fight come just weeks after Diddy declared that he was "sorry for being an a--hole" in an Instagram post about trying to be a better person.

On Friday, a rep for Diddy said he will be pushing back his "Bad Boy Reunion" tour by one week to recover from a recent shoulder surgery.

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