Friday, August 19, 2016

#CountessVaughn releases 'ALTERNATE' version of 'Do You Love Him (Wifey)'! [vid]

We are STILL talking about 'Hollywood Divas' Countess Vaughn's latest EXPLORATION back into the MUSIC GAME.  'Do You Love Him' the video produced and directed by Lisa Wu and Charles West debuted on Wednesday and since--we've been TALKING about it. GOOD, BAD or INDIFFERENT. Now in this day and time when the GOLD-STANDARD of music and videos for FEMALES is Beyoncé, Vaughn's video is a FAR CRY from a King Bey original...hell it's a far cry from a Keyshia Cole knock-off.  And what is WORSE is that we were all ROOTING for Countess.  SHe ahs been through a lot with her HEALTH and her career so we were PRAYING this video was going to be the BOMB---but instead let's keep it real like Paula Jai Parker implied on the REUNION show--the video was not UP TO PAR. 

After a DRAGGING on social media, Vaughn has dropped an ALTERNATE version of 'Wifey'.  You can take a LOOK and see if this is better than the first..... then I'll chime in AFTERWARDS....

OKAY... it's a LITTLE BIT BETTER in my opinion.  One thing you don't want to do is do a FULL VIDEO in SLOW MOTION.  ALSO, is it ME, or does the AUDIO not sound CLEAN.  It's as if the song wasn't properly mixed and mastered.  Maybe Paula Jai's treatment for the video would've worked better.  The OVERRACTING and wide-eyed expressions of Countess are JARRING and the bad acting from the supporting actors in the video just make this a JUMBLED MESS.  There is a GOOD premise here, but it just needs a lot of FINE TUNING before it should've been RELEASED.  Remember, Beyoncé has set the BAR very high and with SOCIAL MEDIA the way it is these day--everybody has an OPINION and a half.  SO when you STEP BACK INTO an arena that is DOMINATED by the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, and the lot---YOU HAVE to have your A-game strong.  I give this a c MINUS and that's being kind because I LIKE Countess and we all know you can SING---even with her new RASPY VOICE.  SO.... WE WANT YOU TO put some more thought into a FOLLOW-UP single and MAP OUT a better strategy for a video.  HELL, you may need to call Paula Jai after all.  IJS.

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