Sunday, July 10, 2016

What is #PokemonGo!? [details]

I know you've been hearing about this new thing called 'Pokémon Go'.  I heard about from my little brother (who's not that little) but I was like, 'WHAT IS IT?'  My brother is HUGELY into ANIME, video games, and comic books so I figured it was another one of his 'NERD THINGS'.  This 'NERD THING' I found has been SWEEPING the NATION.  But just what is it?

"Pokemon GO" is a free "augmented reality" game for iOS and Android smart devices in which players must physically move around the real world in order to capture Pokemon (short for pocket monsters), which are fantastical creatures from the ever-popular video game/collectible card game/anime franchise of the same name.

After you open the app and create an account, you're greeted by your avatar standing in the middle of a map of wherever you are. The app tracks your location via GPS as you walk around looking for Pokemon and visiting Pokestops.

When you're in the vicinity of a Pokemon, your phone will vibrate and the Pokemon you've encountered will appear on the map. You touch it, and then the app will switch to its camera mode, where it shows the Pokemon standing wherever you happen to be.

To catch a Pokemon, you need Pokeballs, which you can obtain by checking in at Pokestops. Pokestops tend to be attached to local landmarks or curiosities: churches, fountains, parks and the like. You get within range of these spots and select them on the app map and it spits out an assortment of items, including those Pokeballs.

WHY IS THIS SUCH a PHENOMENA? Well maybe because it makes you have to be SOCIAL and you get to share FUNNY PICS. It's an excuse to talk to people and make new acquaintances, even if it's just for a few moments. You usually can tell if someone else is playing by the way they are holding their phones. It kinda looks like someone using a GPS device, then you see them trying to take a photo. Sounds like an EVERYDAY walk in the park, right? So what is the PURPOSE??

Well you are collecting all of these POCKET MONSTERS to make them FIGHT of course!

To fight, you have to go to a gym, which you'll see on the map as a tall tower with a Pokemon sitting on top. That one sitting there is the current champion of that gym, and the color of the tower indicates which of the three Pokemon trainer teams it belongs to.

When you reach level 5, you'll be prompted to join one of three teams: Mystic, Valor or Instinct. You'll represent that team when you make your Pokemon fight at the gym. It's a fight for territory in your city.

You'll collect more powerful Pokemon as you level up by walking around and collecting them and checking in at Pokestops. You can also make the one you have better by using items you earn by collecting a bunch of Pokemon of a certain type, and you can also evolve the Pokemon into new forms. So if the ones at the gym seem hopelessly overwhelming, don't worry about it just yet. It's just a matter of sticking with it.

While "Pokemon GO" is a free game, you can spend money on coins which can in turn be used to buy items: Pokeballs, egg incubators, extra storage space for Pokemon or items and anything else aside from the Pokemon themselves. The purchasable items are really just time savers, though, as you don't need them to do anything.

FEEL OLD YET? At least you are in the KNOW, right?

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