Friday, July 8, 2016

#WendyWilliams TRIED to CLEAR THE AIR about her 'HBCU's/NAACP' remarks! [vid]

So as we reported yesterday Wendy Williams got DRAGGED on social media for REMARKS against HBCU's and Jesse Williams speech and the NAACP.  On her show yesterday, she had no OPTION but to address the BACKLASH she received.

Now after looking at this, it does not seem that she made much HEADWAY.  Of course her 'co-hosts' agreed with her--but then they are PRODDED by producers and such to CLAP.  But listening to Wendy, she said a WHOLE LOT of NOTHING.  If she would've just said she MISSPOKE on yesterday it would've come off better.  She just seemed UNPREPARED to come back from her WORDS from yesterday.   This is UNLIKE her, but she did not really make sense or make the situation better.  But she was PUSHED in a CORNER to say something  and she did--then back to the HOT TOPICS.  

WENDY, you dropped the ball on that one.  But she said we misinterpreted her words.  OKAY WENDY-- SILYMI the next time.  THAT'S ALL.

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