Tuesday, July 26, 2016

WATCH: #LHHATL Season 5 Episode 16 'Finale Outcome' [full ep/review]

Season 5 of 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' has FINALLY drawn to a CLOSE....but not without a lot of FIREWORKS!!  Before I jump into the season finale, let me just say I love my CITY, but this season WAS ALL OVER THE PLACE and didn't really get its footing until almost the END of the season.  We are going to talk about changes that NEED to take place for season 6 in a minute...FIRST let's WRAP UP HERE!

It appears that the FINAL straw has broken the CAMEL's (toe) back.  Joseline and Stevie J meet up, but neither one wants to OWN up to their RESPECTIVE mistakes made in their RELATIONSHIP.  It's a STAND-OFF! Jos PROCLAIMS she doesn't LOVE Stevie J. anymore and he claims he is OVER her.  Will the TWO part for good?  Stevie is in a BETTER place in his life but it seems Joseline still has ROOM to GROW, but who knows when or if that will take place.  Maybe Stevie needs to CUT his LOSSES and move on.

Rasheeda and Kirk are at a better place and move into their new digs and even have a HOUSEWARMING with friends and FAM.  Now these two were UNDER-USED this season and actually have the MAKINGS of a SPIN-OFF that could do well.  Rasheeda's boutique 'Pressed' is doing well and the DAY to day of running that a blended family and a BUDDING record label are the MAKINGS of REALITY SHOW GOLD for real!

Momma Dee has another HIT on her hands with Yung Joc in the form of 'In That Order'.  And it appears that her and Rasheeda's mother, Shirleen have even gotten on the same page.  Who would've thought?  Momma Dee and Ernest, now that is ANOTHER STORY altogether.  Will they stick it out after Momma Dee WILLS him only $1.00!!

Karen King and the family come together to celebrate King's birthday.  Tiarra and KK seem to be OK, for now, and Scrap makes an EMOTIONAL call to his son on his birthday.

Scrappy is HEAD OVER HEELS still in love with Bambi.  He brings their family and friends together for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  Has Scrappy FINALLY gotten his act together!?

Tommie comes to grips with her PROBLEMS and seeks counseling.  We even get to the bottom of some her DEEP SEEDED anger issues.

Ariane FINALLY moves forward with her music and gets some SAGE advice from K. Michelle. At her LISTENING EVENT she TRIES to bring the ladies together, but it ends with Mimi getting a GLASS of WINE thrown in her face and Joseline getting TOSSED from the VENUE.  I suppose these two are at odds again.  Now after all that, let's just jump into the season finale after the JUMP!!!

That wrapped up NICELY...kinda.  Now let's get IN FORMATION for season 6.  LHHATL is the most WATCHED in the FRANCHISE, but they do need to REFOCUS.  This season was ALL OVER THE PLACE with a lot of REVOLVING characters with stories that did not go anywhere.

FOr season 6, they need to REFOCUS back on the CORE characters.  Rasheeda and Kirk were underused as was Karlie Redd and Yung Joc.  Ariane has been CRYING OUT for her story to develop and they TOUCHED on her LIFE a bit at the END.  DISTRACTIONS like J Nicks, and the whole King family drama were missteps.  These are ALL the cast members that can take a HIKE: The KINGS, Tiarra, J-Nicks, Betty Idol, Tammy, D Smith, & Dawn.  Their stories went NO WHERE and they didn't really add anything.   Mimi's 'RELATIONSHIP' with WOMEN was just so FORCED and FAKE that it was ALMOST unpalatable.  PLEASE FIND SOMETHING FOR HER TO DO next season. 

ATL has some HUGE stars and up and COMING stars...find some NEW BLOOD to spice up season 6, but it has to MAKE SENSE.  K. Michelle really does not have to be on the show.  She is doing her thing and has her OWN show.  AND she does not really INTERACT with the cast, so what's the USE.  AND how many ways can we tell you that Stevie J and Joseline were NOT MARRIED.  That question has been asked and answered so many times on the BLOGS--find a NEW BAG for them.  A storyline of them APART doing their OWN thing is more INTERESTING than seeing the SAME on and off again storyline being rehashed. 

I was SO REAL about a Kirk & Rasheeda SPIN-OFF though...with Miss Shirleen too?  THAT is a HIT in the MAKING. 

I even wouldn't mine and Tony and Kalenna came back.  Their storyline was heating up in season 4 then they were GONE!

SO MONA and producers, please do some SERIOUS regrouping and make sure it KINDA makes since and has some BASIS in real life events.  I mean it is REALITY TV after all.  Bring back some REALNESS!


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