Tuesday, July 19, 2016

WATCH: #LHHATL Season 5 ep 15 'Heart To Heart' [full ep]

What is going on with 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta'?  This season has been ALL OVER THE PLACE.  MISFIT Characters, veteran characters in the BACKGROUND. I love the FRANCHISE because I love the city, but can we agree that SEASON 5 has been a WASH UP!??

FORCED storylines that don't go anywhere.  Miscellaneous characters that add NOTHING to the show.  ANYWAYS, let's get into episode 15--- THIS SEASON just WON'T END it seems.

AT ANY RATE. Karlie Redd continues to chase after Lyfe Jennings after he SHOWED her he wants no PARTS OF HER. Tommie has WAGED war on Joseline.  Karen King wants a TRUCE with Tiarra!?  Really. Mimi Faust after all of these years FINALLY wants to put Stevie J or CHILD SUPPORT and he feels 'some kinda way' about it!?  After all the HEARTACHE he has put her through, now he sees her differently for wanting to put their daughter FIRST!?  Really.  Mimi is BROKEN and can she be FIXED.  She has moved on from Chris with another woman, but Chris is STILL holding on.  The TWO have a HEART TO HEART that does not END well at all.  Scrappy tries to get advice about Bambi from her good pal, Tammy.  Is Scrappy ready to JUMP the BROOM!?

Check out season 5 episode 15 after the JUMP!


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